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Family seeks justice after drowning of 2 young sons

On Behalf of | May 2, 2012 | Wrongful Death

Few parents in Lake Charles, Louisiana, would argue the statement that there are few thoughts more painful to imagine than the death of a beloved child. One family in Louisiana is likely struggling as they live this absolutely unimaginable pain in the wake of the death of not one but two of their children after a fatal accident.

It appears that the children, ages 5 and 7, were small enough to wiggle through a hole in a fence that lead to the pool of an apartment complex. Just last week, the children snuck through the hole and tragically drowned. Now the parents of these little boys are suing the apartment complex and the parent company of the apartment complex, which is based in Louisiana, for negligence in the wrongful death of their children.

While experienced legal counsel can aid a family in pursuing the maximum compensation that can cover things like funeral and burial expenses, compensation can go further than the practical monetary purposes it may serve. Compensation in the wake of a wrongful death claim can help, in some instances, bring the family a sense of justice.

This family lost two of their most precious gifts and they likely expect some sort of action to be taken as a direct result of this. While all the money in the world would not assuage their pain, compensation does acknowledge the tragedy that they have experienced.

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