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June 2015 Archives

4 common causes of construction site accidents

Anyone in Louisiana who works in construction already knows that the industry can be dangerous. For many construction workers, the four most common causes of construction site accidents will not come as a surprise. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has identified the top four dangers to be from falling, being struck by something, being caught in or between objects, and being electrocuted.

Did survivable wreck became fatal accident due to Takata airbag?

Considering the fact that nearly 33.8 million vehicles in the United States alone are part of Takata Corp.'s recall, it would be a challenge to find someone here in Louisiana who has not heard about the potentially deadly airbags manufactured by the company. So far, there have been hundreds of injuries and at least five deaths in this country as a direct result of the defective airbags. However, that could change if it is confirmed that a seemingly survivable fatal accident on April 5 was due to a Takata airbag.

Worker files lawsuit against employer after car accident

Travel is a part of many Louisiana residents' jobs. During the course of their duties, another employee may transport them from one site to another. If a car accident occurs, an employee would be eligible for workers' compensation benefits. However, depending on the circumstances surrounding the crash, an injured employee may also opt to file a lawsuit against the company for which he or she works.

Fatal accident ends the future of a recent high school graduate

Louisiana's recent high school graduates have their whole lives ahead of them. Some of them are planning for futures they may never see. This is the case for one recent graduate whose future came to an abrupt end in a recent fatal accident.