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August 2013 Archives

Louisiana wrongful death: family loses loved one in crash

Recently, the family of a Louisiana man was given the news that he had been killed in a single car accident. The 25-year-old had been a passenger in pickup truck driven by an 18-year-old man. Now, as the young man driving the vehicle faces criminal charges in connection with the death of this family's loved one, his family may exercise their right to file a wrongful death claim.

Louisiana worker entitled to workers' compensation benefits

The Louisiana Court of Appeal recently issued a ruling regarding a woman who was injured while running an errand for a boss. The court ruled that the woman was entitled to workers' compensation benefits. One question the court had to answer was whether the woman was "acting in the course of her employment" when she was injured. The other question was whether she was injured before or after the accident.

Deadly car accident still under investigation by Louisiana police

Police are investigating the death of two men who died recently in an accident. Two vehicles were traveling in opposite directions on a Louisiana road recently. The preliminary investigation into the deadly car accident reveals that one of the vehicles drifted into the oncoming lane of traffic and collided with the vehicle occupied by the two men.

Louisiana worker denied workers' compensation

Under Louisiana law, an employee can substantiate an on-the-job injury through his or her testimony alone. If there is no evidence contradicting that testimony and there is evidence to corroborate it, the employee may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits. A recent Court of Appeals case illustrates the importance of having corroborating evidence.

Louisiana medical malpractice: family awarded $15M

As many parents in Louisiana know, it can be heartbreaking and terrifying for parents when their child needs major surgery shortly after birth. However, the anxiety doesn't necessarily end with the surgery. One couple had to be diligent with their daughter's health after she had to have a heart transplant shortly after birth due to some medical complications. When she made a call regarding how to treat her daughter's cold, she never believed that call would end with a medical malpractice suit.