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May 2012 Archives

Louisiana worker injured after explosions at chemical plant

Working with chemicals can be a dangerous job. On May 21, a serious incident occurred at a chemical plant in Louisiana. A spokesperson from the Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office declared a state of emergency after several explosions occurred at the plant. The accident happened at about 10:30 a.m., and the resulting chemical fire caused an evacuation of the surrounding area as well as a shut down on a local road. A worker was injured in the incident.

What causes half of all Louisiana accidents?

Louisiana state police have found that last year about half the fatal accidents they investigated were caused by an impaired driver. In Lake Charles and elsewhere throughout Louisiana, a fatal accident can happen in just a few seconds. When a motorcyclist is involved, accidents often end with serious injuries or death.

Mother awarded $78.5 million in wake of hospital negligence

In Louisiana and elsewhere, in the event that a condition is misdiagnosed or even undiagnosed, serious medical errors can result. In 2008, a single mother was given the devastating news that her child had passed away in the womb after the mother arrived at a hospital with signs that the child she was carrying may have been oxygen deprived. Doctors concluded that the child was no longer living as the result of an ultrasound that did not detect a fetal heart rate.

Family seeks justice after drowning of 2 young sons

Few parents in Lake Charles, Louisiana, would argue the statement that there are few thoughts more painful to imagine than the death of a beloved child. One family in Louisiana is likely struggling as they live this absolutely unimaginable pain in the wake of the death of not one but two of their children after a fatal accident.