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March 2012 Archives

Mother suing nurse that cut off infant's finger

In Louisiana, and elsewhere, first-time mothers should feel excited about what is to come, not devastated about what has happened. For one mother, devastation is exactly what she may have felt in the wake of the medical error that injured her infant.

Louisiana truck driver fatigue may lead to crashes

According to a recent study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, truckers across the country, including those in Louisiana, are not catching enough Zs. The study concluded that truckers are among the population of employees that are sleepier than average. This sleepiness could lead to a decrease in safety and thereby increase in the number of truck accidents.

Dad fights for compensation after fatal medical judgment

It would be inaccurate to state that the only victims of medical malpractice cases in Louisiana and elsewhere, are the individuals directly impacted by the medical error or negligence. Family members of the directly-impacted individual can be victimized as well. The parents of a child or the spouse that loses their love are both victimized by medical errors by extension.

Medical miracle or medical malpractice?

Parents in Louisiana may agree there is nothing as gut-wrenching as the thought of losing a child. Imagine that an individual's child is pronounced dead -- but the body never cools off and there is no sign of rigor mortis. Imagine the parents fighting with doctors and staff to reevaluate their child that has already been pronounced dead. Imagine the consequences of an instance of medical malpractice in which a child is prematurely, and incorrectly, pronounced dead.