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Driver in fatal accident sought by Louisiana State Police

Under Louisiana law, drivers are obligated to stop and render aid, if possible. They must remain at the scene of a crash in which they are involved. When a driver fails to do so, it could prevent a victim from receiving timely medical assistance. This could have been the case in a recent fatal accident that took the life of a pedestrian.

Catastrophic injuries lead to police officer's death

Law enforcement officials are supposed to be the ones investigating crashes, not the ones involved in them. However, because they are often walking around the scene or in their stopped patrol cars, the potential is always there. Far too many officers across the country, and here in Louisiana, suffer catastrophic injuries while working motor vehicle accidents.

Louisiana State Police need public help after fatal accident

Single vehicle crashes are often more of a challenge for law enforcement officers, including those here in Louisiana, since there are often fewer witnesses to help piece together what happened. When this happens, police often turn to the public for help -- especially in a fatal accident. Often, a media request for anyone with information to contact the investigating agency will be released.

Family wants answers in aftermath of fatal accident

As a family strives to come to terms with the loss of one of its members, it continues to search for answers regarding her death. In the aftermath of the fatal accident that took her life, the family still does not have much information about it or the driver who is believed to have caused it. The answers to their questions will not bring the 23-year-old Louisiana woman back to her family, but they still have every right to know what happened to their daughter.

Fatal accident on U.S. Hwy 165 claims passenger's life

Many accidents occur during the overnight hours, at least in part because visibility could be an issue and drivers could be fatigued and/or impaired. Drivers should be paying more attention to the roadway under these conditions in order to increase the probability that everyone gets to their destinations safely. Unfortunately, not all drivers in Louisiana -- or elsewhere for that matter -- pay appropriate attention and risk causing a serious or fatal accident.

Fatal accident takes the life of pedestrian

Even in pedestrian friendly cities, it is nearly impossible for pedestrians here in Louisiana and elsewhere to avoid coming into contact with traffic during their journey. At some point, it will be necessary to cross a street or walk close enough to traffic to risk becoming the victim of a serious or fatal accident. The circumstances under which a crash occurs can often be the difference between life and death for the victim.

Prison time ordered for two men in fatal accident

Two Louisiana men were accused of fleeing the scene of an accident that occurred on June 29, 2015. Initially, both of them entered not guilty pleas to the charges they faced in connection with the fatal accident. Ultimately, they both entered plea bargains and were sentenced. 

Police say driver lied about being involved in fatal accident

Troopers with the Louisiana State Police were called to the scene of a crash that recently occurred on Louisiana Highway 139 at approximately 7:50 p.m. Upon arrival, troopers found only one driver at the scene. It was determined that the other driver had left the scene of what became a fatal accident.

Fatal accident on Louisiana Hwy 20 remains under investigation

When law enforcement officials here in Louisiana investigate an accident, they gather the information they need to complete their reports from numerous sources. When one of those sources is not available, it can cause the investigation to take longer. For example, in a fatal accident in which the driver believed to be responsible dies, it could take longer to determine one or more factors that led to the crash since the driver is not available to provide an explanation.

One wrong maneuver behind the wheel can cause a fatal accident

Nearly everyone who travels on Louisiana roadways knows that drivers must constantly make split second decisions behind the wheel of a vehicle in order to avoid obstacles, adjust to the contours of the roadway and react to other drivers. If drivers are distracted, impaired or not paying adequate attention to their surroundings for some reason, they can easily make the wrong maneuver. A serious or fatal accident can result. In that instant, the lives of the those involved can be changed forever. 


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