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Impairment suspected in Louisiana car accident

A recent tragedy gave the Louisiana State Police the opportunity to remind drivers of the dangers of driving under the influence even though it is not yet clear whether the presumably at-fault driver was impaired.  The results of a toxicology sample are pending.  The same driver died from injuries suffered in the car accident.

Car accident on westbound I-10 in Louisiana involved fatalities

Before 3 a.m. on Sunday, March 30, a man suspected of driving under the influence was traveling west on Interstate 10 through Louisiana. As he approached the bridge, he slammed into the back of another vehicle. The car accident resulted in the death of two people and injury to several others.

Louisiana man files suit for car accident with unknown driver

Car accidents can cause property damage along with physical injuries. A Louisiana man was involved in a car accident with a hit-and-run driver approximately one year ago. The incident caused property damage and a significant amount of injuries. The man recently filed a lawsuit with the Louisiana court system against his own insurance company claiming that it refused to cover damages associated with the accident.

5 injured and 2 dead in Louisiana fatal accident

From a minor fender bender to collisions resulting in several deaths, car crashes are not something to take lightly. A fatal accident is a tragic experience for both the family and friends of a victim to have to go through. Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents are rather common on Louisiana roadways. Keeping all motorists safe seems to be an almost impossible task to achieve.

Family of deceased man sues for emergency room malpractice

When it becomes necessary to visit the emergency room, it is normally because a patient believes that there is a pressing situation that requires immediate attention by a doctor. A Louisiana woman and her children are currently suing for emergency room malpractice after the woman's husband visited the emergency room and was turned away: not just once, but twice. The man died due to a serious heart condition shortly thereafter.

Rapper Ceddy Bu's family may have grounds for wrongful death suit

It's no secret that passengers have very little control over what happens in the car. They truly are putting their safety in the hands of the driver, relying on them to safely navigate the roads and respond quickly to any dangers that might arise. Sometimes, the driver may fail in these duties. An accident in Louisiana recently claimed the life of rapper Ceddy Bu, know as "The Rap Sumo," and his family may have the right to file a wrongful death suit against the driver of the car in which Bu was riding.

Podiatrist nightmare leads to claims of doctor negligence

A Louisiana man recently consulted a podiatrist for a foot condition that eventually required surgery. The condition started out as a lesion that was apparently under a foot bone. The podiatrist prescribed one set of treatments that permanently altered the man's life for the worse, according to the patient. The person eventually required surgery, making this a case of doctor negligence.

Family files wrongful death claim against hospital

Many Louisiana residents turn to doctors when they aren't feeling well, seeking relief. Doctors are supposed to be the ally against that which ails their patients. When the doctor not only fails to provide that relief but adds to the complaint, especially via negligent or reckless actions, that doctor becomes a danger instead. One great fear after this type of situation is that if a doctor is careless once, he can and will be careless again, which will eventually lead to the wrongful death of at least one patient.

Son dies in apartment complex stream -- wrongful death suit?

There are several factors that appeal to potential buyers and renters of real estate. For example, good schools, a fireplace and lots of good natural light help move a property quicker, as do pleasant grounds, such as a park or water nearby. One Louisiana family had no way of knowing that an apartment complex's stream would eventually lead to a wrongful death suit.

Louisiana fatal accident claims lives of woman and young nephew

Police of the Louisiana Traffic Division are still investigating a hit-and-run accident that recently occurred on Interstate 10. The accident ultimately claimed the lives of two people. Police say they have enough evidence to make an arrest in this fatal accident once they locate the driver who fled the scene.


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