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What causes cerebral palsy?

If your child receives a diagnosis of cerebral palsy in Louisiana, you may have questions about what caused it. Similarly, if you are soon to give birth to a child, you may want to know if there is anything you can do to prevent your child from developing cerebral palsy.

Why are medical malpractice cases hard to pinpoint?

Louisiana residents like you trust your medical professionals, often with your life. It makes sense that emotions run deep when anything goes wrong. Schwalben Law Firm is here to help explain what medical malpractice is, as well as why it can be hard to pin something down as the result of malpractice.

Complications associated with forceps deliveries

When you prepare to give birth in a Louisiana hospital, chances are, you read up on the traditional birthing process as well as possible alternative procedures you may need to have, such as Cesarean sections. In some situations, however, doctors decide it might be best to deliver your baby using forceps, which are a medical device used to pull your baby out of your birth canal when pushing fails to work. At the law firm of Lee Schwalben, M.D., J.D., LLC, we understand that forceps deliveries can lead to substantial hardship, and we have helped many people who suffered injury during the birthing process because of medical negligence pursue appropriate recourse.

What errors can cause fatigue among hospital staff?

Louisiana residents trust that hospitals will be there to help them in their time of need. However, accidents and mistakes can happen anywhere, especially in environments where the employees are tired and overworked. Here are some of the ways that fatigue can affect your hospital staff.

Common pharmaceutical mistakes that can affect you

Plenty of people in Louisiana see a pharmacist on a somewhat regular basis. Whether it's to pick up medicines to treat temporary illnesses, or for longer-lasting conditions that need to be monitored, pharmacies are a big part of many people's lives. However, even pharmacists can make mistakes.

Polypharmacy could increase interaction risks

Did you know that many Louisiana residents, especially seniors, are in a state of polypharmacy? This practice of taking many prescription drugs at the same time is not necessarily injurious all by itself, but each new pharmaceutical you take could increase your risk of experiencing serious side effects. You probably depend on doctors, pharmacists and nurses to keep an eye out for potential interactions. Unfortunately, sometimes your trust in these professionals could turn out to be misplaced.

How to prevent medication errors

When Louisiana residents receive a prescription, they usually expect that their doctor has written them an appropriate dosage for the correct medicine. Sometimes errors happen, though, and it is important for people to know what they should do when they learn there is something wrong with their prescription.

How does health care bullying affect patients?

Despite what people say about bullying being restricted to the schoolyard, bullies abound anywhere you go – from high school to college and beyond. You might encounter a bully at the grocery store or in your own workplace. When Louisiana patients are subjected to a bullying environment in the health care industry, their own safety and well-being could be at risk.

What factors contribute to medical negligence?

When Louisiana residents like you go to any type of medical professional, you're placing your health and safety in their hands. Unfortunately, mistakes can still happen. Schwalben Law Firm is here to help if you get involved in a harmful situation that stems from negligence.


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