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Louisiana woman thrown into windshield during car accident dies

Every single day around the nation, people needlessly die or are critically injured in accidents because of impaired drivers. The Louisiana State Police are investigating the death of a woman that died recently in a single-car accident. The man that was driving the car she was in somehow managed to walk away with only minor injuries.

Man dies, another injured in fatal accident in Louisiana

When turning onto a freeway with potential passing traffic, it is important for drivers to make sure the road is clear of other vehicles. Failure to do so might result in a traffic violation, but it could also cause an accident involving personal injuries. In the worst case scenario, this type of carelessness can even cause or contributed to a fatality. Unfortunately, this is what happened in a recent fatal accident in Louisiana.

Louisiana woman killed in fatal accident after being rear-ended

When a car accident happens on a Louisiana roadway, authorities often must investigate to determine what caused the accident to occur. In some cases, authorities can determine what did not happen before they can ascertain what did happen. That is the case in a recent fatal accident on I-10 that left one driver dead.

Car accident involving pedestrian in Louisiana ends in death

Pedestrians commonly walk along the roadways of Louisiana's populous cities. Unfortunately, there are inherent dangers to being a pedestrian when mixed with vehicles on the roadway. Understandably, they are more vulnerable to injury or death when they are struck by vehicles. A recent accident in Baton Rouge illustrates just how tragic a pedestrian versus car accident can be.

Louisiana medical malpractice: Hospital forgets man on bed pan?

There are two main parts of every Louisiana medical malpractice claim. In the first instance, a plaintiff must prove liability. In medical malpractice lawsuits, that means a plaintiff has to establish by competent evidence that a defendant deviated from the acceptable standard of medical care. In most instances, a plaintiff will seek to demonstrate that one or more defendants were negligent in a manner that proximately caused the injuries suffered.

Louisiana driver in hit and run fatal accident surrenders

A 58-year-old man was discovered in Louisiana along LS 445 the morning of Nov. 11 by State Police Troop L. Authorities believed that the man had been there since before midnight the previous evening. According to initial reports of the accident site, the suspect vehicle was a maroon sedan that had hit the victim and fled the scene without offering assistance or alerting the police to the fatal accident.

Louisiana car accident kills 2, leaves 1 in critical care

Louisiana laws that protect victims of crashes vary when determining eligibility to file personal injury claims depending upon the circumstances of the accident. On Thanksgiving morning, two people died in a car accident and another was critically injured according to police reports. In such situations, a surviving victim may be eligible to file a claim against a driver's estate following the investigation if negligence is found on behalf of the driver.

Louisiana Supreme Court sides with father in wrongful death case

A Louisiana wrongful death case has made it to the state's highest court. The father had filed the case against the child's mother. In 2009, the woman had her son inside the vehicle when she told him to get out. She then ran over her child 'intentionally and repeatedly,' and he died as a result of his injuries. Upon the child's death, the alleged father filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the woman and the state of Louisiana.

Louisiana fatal accident: Did driver fall asleep at the wheel?

Louisiana State Police are warning drivers about a recent accident involving two cars where sleep impairment may have been a factor. The fatal accident is believed to have been caused by one driver drifting off to sleep before veering into an oncoming lane. Troopers have warned drivers that sleep deprivation can be equally as dangerous as intoxication, and that taking rests to get out and stretch may save lives.


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