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Animals and motor vehicle collisions

From bad weather to inexperience, distractions and fatigue, motor vehicle crashes have many causes. Some risk factors are overlooked because they are less common, however. For example, there are different ways in which animals (both wild and domesticated) can play a role in collisions. Someone who drives around with their dog may be distracted by the animal, interfering with their driving abilities. Or, someone may be surprised by a wild animal such as a deer that darts across the road, causing them to swerve into oncoming traffic.

Keep children safe with the right car seat

When Louisiana parents put their child in the car, their top priority is their child's safety. If a young child is not in the proper safety seat, though, it is more likely that he or she will incur an injury in a car accident. It is important for parents to make sure their children sit in a car seat that will protect them in a collision. 

3-vehicle crash in Louisiana leaves one dead

Authorities in Louisiana took the opportunity to remind motorists not to drive while impaired, fatigued or distracted, and not to exceed the posted speed limit, after a three-vehicle accident on Monday morning that resulted in a fatality as well as minor injuries. The cause is currently unknown, and the collision is still under investigation. 

Protect pets during car rides

When Louisiana residents get in the car to run errands, they may sometimes bring their pets with them. While many people enjoy their pet's company, they may not consider what might happen to their pet if another vehicle hits their car. It is important for people to understand how they can keep their pets safe if they are involved in a collision.

What is defensive driving?

As a Louisiana driver, you know that safety is of the utmost importance. Ensuring proper driving practices is crucial in this case, as they will help you avoid accidents and prevent serious injury from occurring. offers the following tips on defensive driving and how it can help protect you as well as other motorists.

Speed, no headlights involved in fatal crash

Most people in Louisiana who drive vehicles do so responsibly and with the awareness that doing so is a way of keeping themselves, their loved ones and even strangers safe. It would be nice for all residents to assume that every other driver on the road takes that same approach when getting behind the wheel of an automobile. Unfortunately that is not always the case as there are many people who drive recklessly or make poor and dangerous choices that put others in harm's way.

Facts and myths about driver's fatigue

When a driver hits the road in Louisiana, they risk facing an issue that commonly plagues drivers but isn't frequently addressed. This issue is driver's fatigue. It's a potentially deadly problem that can be just as dangerous as driving while texting or driving under the influence, even though it gets much less coverage.

Consumers worry that the world is not ready for self-driving cars

Autonomous and driver-assisted vehicles have been a primary focus in the media for several months, especially after accidents that have occurred when the technology was newly released on the streets. Not surprisingly, many people in Louisiana and elsewhere have started expressing concerns that self-driving cars are not yet safe enough to be available to the public. A recent accident involving an autonomous Uber vehicle underlines this point.

Can working a night shift affect your driving?

When you work a night shift in Louisiana, you may not always consider how your job affects your ability to drive home. Sometimes working a late shift may make it more likely that you will be drowsy as you drive home and this may increase your chances of being involved in a drowsy driving collision.


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