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Louisiana man survives 1 car accident, then is killed

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2013 | Car Accidents

A Louisiana man survived a single car accident only to be run over as he was trying to cross the interstate. According to reports, the man was hit by no fewer than five vehicles. His death and the initial single car accident are still under investigation.

Preliminary reports indicate that the man had been driving westbound on Jefferson Paige Road when he briefly made contact with the median in the center of the road. The car then ended up in the eastbound lane even though it was still heading west. It then struck a second median, veered off of the side of the bridge. As it the vehicle slid down the embankment toward Interstate 220 below, it caught fire.

The Louisiana driver managed to escape the burning vehicle, but was then struck by passing cars on the interstate. Police are still attempting to sort out what led up to the initial crash and what drivers actually ran over the driver on the interstate. To make matters more complicated, police had received a call regarding an incident at a local inn that turns out to have involved the now deceased driver. The investigation is ongoing.

It may take some time for the police to sort out exactly what happened and when with regard to this tragic accident. Questions such as would the man have survived the first car accident had he not been hit by passing cars and what happened on Jefferson Paige Road just minutes before. Any driver deemed to be at least partially responsible for the death of the victim may end up facing a wrongful death suit from his family regardless of whether any charges are filed by officials.

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