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November 2015 Archives

Doctor negligence can alter the course of a newborn's life

The lives of mothers and their newborns are typically entrusted to doctors, nurses and other medical staff during the birthing process. Most Louisiana couples expect to take home a healthy baby. However, doctor negligence can crush parents' hopes and alter the course of a newborn's life forever.

1-car fatal accident kills passengers, driver survives

Crashes involving only one vehicle can be just as deadly as those involving multiple vehicles. In some cases, Louisiana accident victims die because they may not be discovered until it is too late to save them. On other occasions, they are unable to escape the wreckage, and what might have been a survivable crash under different conditions becomes a fatal accident.

Police say driver ran stop sign in fatal car accident

Stop signs, traffic lights and other traffic signs are meant to control the flow of vehicles in order to avoid collisions. When a driver fails to obey these traffic control devices, a car accident is often the result. For instance, a recent crash here in Lake Charles that took the lives of two people and injured others is being blamed on a driver who ran a stop sign.

Louisiana man suffers catastrophic injuries in crash

Louisiana's highways and interstates allow vehicles to travel at speeds that can be deadly for vulnerable motorcycle riders. Many riders wear helmets and other gear in an attempt to minimize any potential injuries. Even so, without the protection of the passenger compartment that other highway travelers typically enjoy, bikers easily suffer from catastrophic injuries if involved in a crash.