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August 2015 Archives

Pedestrians do not have to be hit to suffer car accident injuries

Many Louisiana residents can recall a time when they were nearly hit by a car while crossing a street. Fortunately, they did not suffer any significant injuries as they narrowly escaped becoming the victim of a pedestrian vs. car accident. Others, however, do suffer injuries as they clamor to avoid being struck by a vehicle.

Louisiana State Police Troop D investigates fatal accident

Louisiana State Police officers keep records regarding all the car accidents they investigate throughout any particular year, including those in which there are fatalities. At last report, Troop D was involved in the investigation of 16 motor vehicle fatalities. The fatal accident that raised Troop D's number to 16 took place on Aug. 7 between two vehicles that were traveling on La. 3226.

Lake Charles man arrested in hit-and-run car accident

Any time a pedestrian walks near traffic, there is a risk a passing vehicle will strike that person. Residents in Lake Charles do not always have the luxury, however, of staying away from vehicles while they walk to their destinations. If a pedestrian vs. car accident does occur, the driver is required by law remain at the scene to help the victim and wait for the authorities.

2 teens hospitalized after car accident involving cab driver

Just after noon on July 24, a Louisiana cab driver allegedly failed to obey a stop sign and struck two teenage boys who were riding their bikes. According to the teens, the cab driver checked on them, gave them each $50 and then drove away. By July 30, both teens had been admitted to the hospital for the injuries they suffered in the car accident.