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Worker files lawsuit against employer after car accident

Travel is a part of many Louisiana residents' jobs. During the course of their duties, another employee may transport them from one site to another. If a car accident occurs, an employee would be eligible for workers' compensation benefits. However, depending on the circumstances surrounding the crash, an injured employee may also opt to file a lawsuit against the company for which he or she works.

A seaman recently filed a lawsuit against his employer after he suffered injuries in an accident that occurred on Jan. 19. He was working that day, and he was being driven to a dock site when the accident happened. The driver had a seizure, which caused the vehicle to careen off the road and into a field. The plaintiff suffered serious injuries from which he still experiences pain. He further claims that he is permanently disabled.

He claims he has lost income and is not able to reach the same earning capacity he enjoyed prior to the accident. His lawsuit alleges that his employer did not provide him with a safe work environment, because they knew that the man driving the car suffered from a seizure disorder. By allowing him to drive, they knowingly put the plaintiff at risk.

Whether his allegations lead to an award of damages will be up to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana. It is necessary to prove that the action -- or inaction, as the case may be -- of the employer contributed to the man's injuries in this car accident. There is an element of risk to filing a lawsuit against an employer for an injury, as the employee may be required to forego workers' compensation benefits in order to do so. Therefore, before filing a lawsuit, it would be advisable to have the case reviewed by an attorney.

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