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August 2014 Archives

Louisiana car accident involving 3 teens leaves 1 of them dead

Driver's education courses are no substitute for experience. When Louisiana teenagers first get their driver's license, they do not yet have the time behind the wheel of a motor vehicle to truly understand what it can do. This is one reason why the odds of a teenager becoming involved in a car accident may be relatively higher than normal.

Medical malpractice claim filed in Louisiana man's death

Many medical conditions require the use of temporary measures until a more permanent solution can be determined and implemented by physicians. In the case of one Louisiana man, a temporary stint was never replaced. A medical malpractice claim recently filed by his estate claims this negligent oversight on the part of his doctors and the medical center where he was treated led to his death.

Louisiana State Police locate driver after recent car accident

One of the most important tasks of the Louisiana State Police at an accident scene is to determine precisely what happened. Sometimes, that task is easy. Other times, it requires more investigation. For instance, it can take valuable time and resources to locate a driver suspected to be responsible for a hit-and-run car accident.

Louisiana man dies in suspected drunk driving car accident

Running out of gas on the highway can be irritating and, sometimes, downright scary. For instance, a Louisiana man ran out of gas at 1:30 a.m. on Interstate 10 recently. The vehicle stalled in a lane of travel, so he had to get out of the vehicle in order to move it. It was then that he was hit and killed in what police suspect was a car accident caused by a drunk driver.