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January 2014 Archives

5 injured and 2 dead in Louisiana fatal accident

From a minor fender bender to collisions resulting in several deaths, car crashes are not something to take lightly. A fatal accident is a tragic experience for both the family and friends of a victim to have to go through. Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents are rather common on Louisiana roadways. Keeping all motorists safe seems to be an almost impossible task to achieve.

Contaminated shot leads to Louisiana medical malpractice suit

Patients receive injections every day. Most of the time, these injections make them feel better. However, it is sometimes the case that injections are recalled because they can potentially cause harm. For one Louisiana woman, that recall notice came too late. As a result of receiving a contaminated injection, she has filed a medical malpractice and products liability lawsuit against her doctor and the manufacturer of the drug.

Family of deceased man sues for emergency room malpractice

When it becomes necessary to visit the emergency room, it is normally because a patient believes that there is a pressing situation that requires immediate attention by a doctor. A Louisiana woman and her children are currently suing for emergency room malpractice after the woman's husband visited the emergency room and was turned away: not just once, but twice. The man died due to a serious heart condition shortly thereafter.

Rapper Ceddy Bu's family may have grounds for wrongful death suit

It's no secret that passengers have very little control over what happens in the car. They truly are putting their safety in the hands of the driver, relying on them to safely navigate the roads and respond quickly to any dangers that might arise. Sometimes, the driver may fail in these duties. An accident in Louisiana recently claimed the life of rapper Ceddy Bu, know as "The Rap Sumo," and his family may have the right to file a wrongful death suit against the driver of the car in which Bu was riding.