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November 2013 Archives

Pastor killed during revival; wife files wrongful death claim

People go to church for many reasons. They may be searching for meaning in their lives, a way to express their faith, a sense of community or some kind of inner peace. The last thing that people expect to encounter at church is danger or violence. A Louisiana family recently experienced a tragedy at their church, which led to a wrongful death suit being filed.

Louisiana fotofacial burn leads to medical malpractice claim

Many people enjoy getting facials. Facials keep skin looking clean, young and firm. The experience of getting a facial is indulgent as well, and somewhat therapeutic, especially when performed by a dermatologist at a clinic. One woman in Louisiana recently experienced a facial that was anything but enjoyable, however, and it has resulted in a medical malpractice suit being filed.

Medical malpractice can lead to death in Louisiana

Having a loved one not feel well can cause anxiety and worry, and going to the doctor is often seen as a road to a possible solution that can make the ill person well again in Louisiana. However, in some instances, the opposite occurs: The doctor ends up making the problem worse and even causing death due to medical malpractice, thus turning the family members' lives upside down. A doctor recently has been sued after a woman claimed that his failure to properly care for her husband led to her husband's death.

Industrial accidents: United Ethanol cited by OSHA.

Louisiana readers may have learned of a citation, issued by OSHA to United Ethanol LLC for safety and health violations. This remedial action was taken after industrial accidents occurred on April 19 when an employee died after entering a bin used for grain storage at the company's facility in another state. He attempted to clear the floor chute by entering the bin and was overwhelmed when the grain piled upon him.