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April 2012 Archives

Bar codes on sponges diminish medical malpractice

The longer a patient undergoing a procedure in Louisiana or elsewhere remains under anesthesia, the more likely the risk for complications. Therefore, there is a sense of urgency to get the patient in and out as quickly as possible. Due to this time-sensitive nature, mistakes happen and things can get left behind, resulting in a medical malpractice case.

Woman injured in Lake Charles car accident

A recent Lake Charles, Louisiana, two-car accident cause quite a commotion when one car went careening into a fire hydrant, causing an eruption of water, confusion and a traffic block. The car accident occurred at the intersection of Common Street and 15th Street, which was subsequently closed for over an hour.

Potential wrongful death over drug that causes bladder cancer

A Japanese-based pharmaceutical company, Takeda, is facing an onslaught of personal injury and wrongful death claims for what victims say was the distribution of an "unreasonably dangerous and defective drug" used in the treatment of Type-2 diabetes. Reportedly, the drug has been shown to cause bladder cancer in patients.