Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

If you need help and representation from a lawyer, attorney Lee M. Schwalben, M.D., J.D., is ready to help you recover the damages you may be entitled to. Any type of accident can result in serious injuries that include:

Lee M. Schwalben, M.D., J.D., also provides representation for families in wrongful death litigation following a fatal accident. He can answer your questions and help you pursue maximum compensation for your recovery.

Lake Charles Personal Injury Attorney

The firm's personal injury representation includes cases of motor vehicle accidents, industrial accidents, defective products, unsafe property and other personal injury claims. When you require assistance with a personal injury case, Lee M. Schwalben, M.D., J.D., is a lawyer who practiced medicine for many years and works to protect client rights as vigorously as he protected the lives of his patients.

Given that no injury is easy to handle, and that any broken bone or soft tissue injury can have an impact on the ability to work and live normally and pain-free, it is important to have a lawyer who appreciates the severity of your injury and what is necessary for the recovery process.

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